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Gábor is a pianist influenced by jazz and various genres of modern music. He is mostly active with his two trio formations. His trademarks are harmonic invention, accessible, melodic themes and unexpected rhythmic shifts. 

His compositions are rooted in the European musical tradition in the sense that they are often more complex arrangements and structures, sometimes with hints to jazz-rock or fusion music, but they are always emotionally connected in a way that is typical of modern jazz. 

He has released one solo piano album, three studio albums and two live albums with his trios Swansong trio and Gábor Csordás trio. Mainly active in Hungary, he has toured in Japan in 2019 and in Germany in 2022. He is being managed by The Creative China management for his China debut planned in 2023. 
For his debut album of Gábor Csordás trio, “Chasing a Dream” he has received the album of the year award at NativeDSD.com, his albums have received press in 9 countries. 
“Gábor Csordás is an excellent pianist and composer”

Album of the year 2022

“Melodic themes played with skill, flexibility and with unexpected turns and timbres”

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If Café

Massimiliano Rolff Trio 10.03

"A strong listening experience from a trio with chemistry"
"melody, groove and adventure spearheads the trio’s effervescent sound"


“great compositions with excellent virtuosic solos”

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“songs are very well crafted, and are based on melodic ideas”

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