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Swansong trio

Originally conceived almost 10 years ago, Swansong brings together three musicians from 3 continents: renowned Hungarian pianist Gábor Csordás, Japanese bassist Noriaki Hosoya and Washington-based drummer Marty Risemberg.
Led by Gábor Csordás, a versatile musician & composer with credits stretching from jazz and pop to hip hop and classical, the trio formed in Berlin – and Budapest, Hungary is the city they chose to record these 10 original and highly melodic songs.
As you might expect from the geographical divide separating them, their influences are diverse too; Gábors classical upbringing sits alongside Marty’s Cuban roots (he studied with noted percussionist Ramón Marques) and Noriaki’s Berklee-educated beginnings. It’s all brought together, however, by a strong sense of groove and adventure.
With various solo projects behind them, Swansong finally puts on record the long-term relationship between these 3 international musicians.
About the studio album Do Swans fly?
 The album was recorded in SuperSize Recording Studios, Törökbálint, Hungary.
Swansong Trio was founded in 2010 in Berlin by Gábor Csordás and Noriaki Hosoya. The first drummer, Andrea Zuliani was replaced by Marty Risemberg in 2016. That was the time when they recorded their self-titled first album “Swansong”. It was released in 2019 on Hunnia Records & Film Production which led to immediate success especially in Japan. The band has toured in Japan in 4 major cities performing the first album. Then the pandemic has cut the follow-up plans short, and the trio waited 3 years for another reunion. In 2022 the trio recorded two albums: “Do Swans Fly?” is their second studio album recorded in SuperSize Studios, and released also on Hunnia Records.
A few days before this recording, they have also recorded a live album “Turbulence” in Mixát Stage, which has video available to accompany the sound – this record is also available as a DSD on Hunnia Records.
The style of the trio is centered around melodic ideas coming from European music. The nowadays somewhat unusual setup in contemporary jazz of electric bass and acoustic piano gives a balance between the mainstream jazz sound and the fusion/jazz-rock rhythms often emphasized by trio. Swansong also has a tendency to incorporate many styles into their music, from rock to electronic and on this very record even latin.

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