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A The Jazz Word az "On the Rhodes again"-ről

The Jazz Word

Gábor Csordás is a versatile pianist based in Budapest. He is now teaming up with bassist Vince Bartók and drummer Adonisz Fábry to release his sixth album as a leader called, On the Rhodes Again. The five songs are based on traditions of European jazz, but it is also influenced heavily by modern American movements (neo-soul, funk, etc.) and electronic music. The sound is also defined by dynamic improvisations and a blend of unexpected influences and styles. On the Rhodes Again is a result of an experiment where Csordás replaced the acoustic piano sound with a Fender Rhodes Mark I piano, creating a completely different soundscape, which gave the original compositions a brand new shine.

“Wayfinder” is a jazz-rock mixed with mainstream contemporary jazz selection that shows Csordás’ fine composition skills and the trio’s ability to create a space of intrigue and musical suspense. One can hear the seventies nostalgia as Csordás builds his lines on the Rhodes, methodically increasing in intensity. Bartók’s solo develops patterns and grooves and Fábry colors and builds behind him. This song is all about the deep pocket this trio can create together.

“Houdini” focuses on harmonic and melodic colors over an open groove where each player plays the space as much as his instrument. This is where the European jazz influences are the strongest, and the addition of the Rhodes is a color that does give this style a new texture and intensity. Csordás allows the music to lead him in his solo, developing melodies and keeping rhythmic ideas flowing with the drums and bass.

On the Rhodes Again is a project of interest for jazz fans who drink deeply from the fresh sounds of European jazz. This trio has chemistry and the ability to spin other styles into their European jazz language, making for a strong listening experience.