Csordás Gábor zenész otthona

MusicFrames kritika a Chasing a dreamről

MusicFrames (Netherlands): “Melodic themes played with skill, flexibility and with unexpected turns and timbres”

For the Hungarian pianist Gábor Csordás a dream came through by recording the trio album Chasing a Dream.

Gábor Csordás forms a twisted tight trio with bassist Vince Bartók and drummer Tamás Hidász. Three musicians who are each other’s equivalent and who complement each other. Striking is the melodic playing of bassist Bartók. He has a nice, pointed bass touch (special intro Fresh with a later psychedelic bass solo) that fits in with the work Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report). His playing effortlessly curls around the drums of Hidász. A musician who not only plays nice groovy rhythms, but also frames them with ghost notes. The small rhythmic added subtle notes that refine his playing and give it extra shine. And above all this, we hear the Grand piano work of Csordás. Melodic themes on which he performs skillfully and with flexibility, with unexpected turns and timbres. Really nice is how piano, bass and drums relate to each other. They give each other space musically. In this way they can take the small solo parts, where possible. This requires not only knowledge, but also a pure musical attitude and human candor. A good example of this is the bass drum solo in Rondo, (with guest musician saxophonist Sándor Töth) where the piano is limited to giving accents and soloing bass and drums around each other. We find something similar in Drops Of The New Century, where Csordás‘ right hand is limited to playing on-the-count chords and the theme sounds in unison in the left hand of the piano along with the bass. In the penultimate piece Fresh, it all fits together. In a landscape of jazz-oriented pop we hear the pinnacle of a perfect trio, where Chasing a Dream has long since become real!

  • Gábor CsordásChasing a Dream (Hunnia Records & Film Production)

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